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About Us

Jake + Maya (Kids) is all about "Slow Fashion for Fast Growing Kids". It was launched as a reaction to the current trend of fast fashion for children. Children grow and they often grow out of their clothes quicker than they can wear them, leaving our landfills full of almost unworn clothes. We decided to change that. We are making clothes that can grow with the child and with that, significantly reduce the carbon foot-print that our children's clothing is leaving on our planet. We believe that children, as well as their clothes should be grown with love and care.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to encourage and help people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and we do this by providing them with sustainable products and solutions that are ethically made, with love + care.

Sustainable Materials

All our products are made using 100% organic cotton and all fabrics are handprinted, using non-toxic water-based inks.

Zero Waste Design

We design all our products using zero waste techniques, in order to reduce pre-consumer waste from the standard 30% to close to 0%.

Ethical Production

We work only with local ethical producers and social enterprises to make our products. We believe in fair-trade and kindness toward other people.

Mending Service

The most sustainable consumer practice is to buy less. So we have a growing and mending service for our customers, in order to help them keep what they already have.

Contact Us Here

We are a sociable bunch at Jake + Maya (Kids). So if you have any enquirers, comments or just want a chat, please don't be shy. Give us a shout.

+44 (0)20 8144 8059