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10 meditation tips to become more conscious

Meditation is one of the most useful tools available to us. It helps on so many levels – it helps us become more peaceful, more focussed, more mindful. More mindful in the sense we have an understanding of ourselves and the decisions we make. It’s not an easy habit to adopt, especially because we glorify busy and are constantly moving forward rather than taking a moment to take stock as to where we are. So today, I thought it would be a great idea to share some meditation tips – some easy ways to start fostering the habit…

Sit still for two minutes.
Seems a bit easy doesn’t it. This is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to starting your meditation journey. Don’t fret or overthink it. Just sit. After a week, up to 4 minutes, the week after 6 minutes and before long the habit will form.

Check in with yourself.
Sometimes people don’t know what to ‘do’ when they’re meditating. And as a beginner this can make starting difficult. But it’s very simple. Just listen to your body. How do you feel? Are you tired? Do to have any aches or pains? What, if anything, keeps popping in your headspace. Just acknowledge and feel it all.

Listen to music.
Don’t just singalong, focus. Listen to each instrument, really hear the lyrics.

Drink something warm.
Choose a time each day which you dedicate to that drink – a few minutes. Feel the warmth. Enjoy it. Taste it. Focussing like this clears the mind.

You can mediate anywhere.
Get rid of the whole cross-legged with incense burning and some omm sounds portrayed in the movies. You can meditate in a mindful manner anywhere. During the commute, a few minutes at your desk, in the bathroom. Don’t make excuses of being busy because no-one is that busy.

Get Crafting
Being creative and the actual doing is very meditative. Set aside some time and focus on the small tasks which create the project to clear the mind of distractions. You could even do some of the sustainable crafts I posted about the other week.

Encourage the family to get involved.
Meditation for children is great, they need time to just be as much as we do. Make it a family event. Need some more info? Read this. I’ve taught my daughter how to visualise her success and she finds that incredibly useful.

Do Yoga.
Yoga is great for the mind and the body, and in this house, if we’re all ready to leave for the school run, we do cosmic kids yoga (youtube it) to start the day. The kids love it and so do I.

Relaxation / Meditation

I’ve learned the benefits of journalling from Natalie Lue (definitely worth a read if you’re not familiar). Journalling helps you get our whats in your mind. Just write. Keep writing. It can be about anything, just go with it, and eventually, the important stuff will start pouring out. You may prefer guided journalling, and again, Nat has some useful downloads to help with that.

Practice makes perfect. It may not come easily at first but find a few minuets every day and it will become more easy and natural.

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