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Andrea Mastovito – Installation of 1000 Repurposed Books and Magazines

I love collages and all sorts of paper crafts. Not only is it easy and fun to do, it is also a great way to up-cycle some used newspapers and magazines.

I often do this with the kids right before our recycling is due to get collected. We make simple collages, cards and perhaps even a diorama if we have some spare boxes but have a look at Andrea Mastovito’s work to see how it should be done ! This is taking it to a completely new level. It took about 1000 books and magazines to create this installation.

I just hope the artist only used old unwanted books and magazines and imagine the mess this must have made ….. Argh !!!

Beautiful though, don’t you think ?

andrea mastovito 1






To find out more about this installation, which was first installed on Governors Island, NY in 2010, visit Colossal and the artists website.

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