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50 ways to reduce your environmental footprint today!

In my last post I talked about how we have to take personal responsibility for our own impact on this world, so today I have out together a list of simple steps we can take to reduce our environmental footprint. I’d love to add to this list, so please leave a comment if you have an idea.

  1. When possible, walk or ride your bike in order to avoid carbon emissions completely. You could even scoot or skateboard.
  2. If not, try carpooling or public transportation as they drastically reduce CO2 emissions.
  3. Drive a fuel efficient vehicle.
  4. Avoid roof boxes. They increase aerodynamic drag and decrease fuel economy.
  5. Speeding and acceleration wastes fuel (and money!) and increase your carbon emissions. Don’t do it.
  6. Keep your car serviced.  Did you know properly inflated tires improve your mileage by up to 3%!
  7. Combine errands to make fewer trips.
  8. Remove excess weight from your car.
  9. If you’re in traffic or at lights, switch off the engine.
  10. Avoid flying when possible; fly less frequently, fly shorter distances and fly economy.
  11. Don’t fly on private jets! I know, I know,  but it needs to be said!
  12. If you travel for work, increase your use of video-conferencing tools like Skype and Facetime.
  13. If you travel to work, ask if there’s days you can work from home.
  14. Ask if your company is signed up to the cycle to work scheme. Encourage them if not.
  15. Insulate and seal your home. Reduce drafts.
  16. Make energy efficiency a primary consideration when choosing new appliances.
  17. Turn off lights you’re not using and when you leave the room.
  18. Actually, turn off everything at the plug when you leave the room.
  19. Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED ones.
  20. Don’t set your thermostat too high – if you’re cold, grab a jumper or blanket!
  21. Add solar panels to the roof of your home. There’s a financial outlay but you could reduce costs longterm and you can sell unused energy back to the grid.
  22. Reduce water usage.
  23. Recycle grey water. (See this post for more info)
  24. Purchase water-efficient choices when purchasing shower heads, taps, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines.
  25. Reuse and recycle. Do you really need new?
  26. Buy local.
  27. Buy seasonal.
  28. Eat less meat and dairy to reduce emissions from the use of fertilisers and pesticides, as well as all that’s needed to produce and transport the meat.
  29. Support clean energy sources – think wind, solar, geothermal etc (our last post has some advice)
  30. Skip bottled water – just buy a reusable bottle.
  31. Buy a reusable cup for drinks on the go.
  32. Take your own shopping bags.
  33. Refuse anything plastic wrapped. It’s not easy to go plastic free, I am trying, but making the effort has definitely reduced our plastic use.
  34. Put a water bottle in toilet tank to reduce water wastage. Read this for how it works.
  35. Only wash full loads.
  36. Ditch the dryer.
  37. Only boil enough water for what you need.
  38. Start composting.
  39. Go to the library – you don’t need to buy those books and magazines.
  40. Go paperless – actively unsubscribe and remove your name from all those things that pop through the letterbox.
  41. Switch to a renewable electricity supplier.
  42. And switch to a combi-boiler.
  43. Have a shower instead of a bath and make it shorter.
  44. Think before you print.
  45. Don’t buy fast fashion.
  46. Buy clothes that grow with your child.
  47. Buy once and buy well.
  48. Visit second hand shops.
  49. Plant a garden.
  50. Choose a laptop  instead of a desktop – they’re much more energy efficient.
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