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8 more clothes fixing hacks #MendingMonday

Following on from our post about genius hacks for fixing clothes, here’s 10 more ways to give your clothes some extra life. All of these are so simple to do and with things you will probably have at home anyway. And remember, for a few moments effort not only are you saving pennies but you’re helping to reduce waste. Double win.


Are you ready?

If the zip on your jeans keeps falling down, you need a key ring. [via Life Hacker]

Fix scuffed faux-leather boots with glue and paint. [via WikiHow]

Use a razor to fix a bobbled clothing [via Mommy Savers]

Use a straw to restring hoodies and tops – a safety pin works just as well, too! [via Zalando]

Repair the toes of your Toms with some fun fabric. [via Under the Sycamore]

Use chalk to get grease stains out of your clothing – note this only works on grease that’s newish. [via Huff Post]

Use broken jewellery to embellish your clothes (or cover marks and pulls!). [via Fall for DIY]

Remove ink stains from clothing [via One Good Thing]

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