Welcome to Behind The Seams.

I am Tze Ching Yeung and I am the founder of Jake & Maya Collective.

I am a business owner, an avid dreamer, a mum and recently also became a frequent doodler and pattern lover.

The reason why I started Behind The Seams, is because I wanted to bring you along on my journey of re-building Jake & Maya Collective as a brand, as well as my journey in achieving a more sustainable and creative lifestyle with my family.

I would like to share with you everything that I learn as a business owner, as well as a creative woman and mum; all the things that inspires me and all the things that I learn (both good and bad). Sharing is caring, right ?

A few years ago, I launched Jake & Maya Collective and it was very well received by both press, buyers and the public. Very soon, our collections were stocked in a range of beautiful stores around the world and in 2013, we were shortlisted Best Sustainable Children’s Wear Brand at The Source Awards in London.

Although we always sourced everything sustainably and only worked with local producers and artisans, I felt we could do better.

The more we grew as a brand, the more I wanted to achieve with it.

I felt, as a children’s brand owner (and a mum), it was my responsibility to not only provide a good product, but also to raise awareness about sustainability issues and to help inspire the next generation to be more conscious of their environment and the people that live in it.

So, in 2014, I decided to scale all production back and re-brand the company, to ensure that we could grow the company and be 100% happy with its growth.

That same year, we moved out of London to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle in the countryside with my family.

Thank you for coming along on our journey.

Tze Ching Yeung x

3 thoughts on “About

  1. homeschoolbum

    2016 12 March

    sounds like a great journey!

    • tc

      2016 16 March

      Thank you. It really is. It is very exciting.

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