[Slow] Fashion for Fast Growing Kids

The Jake + Maya Kids story began with the arrival of my wonderful twins, Jake and Maya, nine years ago. Already a successful designer and partner in a design firm, my desire to spend more time with them and pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, gave me the perspective and courage to consider a different career path.

As a new parent, it quickly became apparent that children’s clothing is both limited in design and sustainability. This fuelled my passion and drive to bring fresh designs and ethical values to life in Jake + Maya Kids.


Sustainable materials, design and production

Jake and Maya Kids’ clothing is designed and produced with the intent of creating zero waste, using certified organic cotton and printed using water-based inks and natural dyes.

Sustainability is a strong focus, as is ethical production.

All our garments are produced by social enterprises and ethical production partners in UK.

Maximize the lifespan of each garment with no compromise in style

Children grow up and out of their clothing fast. So instead of throwing out a garment that is too small, Jake and Maya garments have adjustable features and are multi-functional, which helps reducing waste and extend the life of each item. Most styles also offer simple to use extension-pack which you can use to extend garment yourself or send in to us to do for you.

British fashion sense and values

Every child is different and your children should be free to wear what they want to wear. British fashion is acclaimed for its fearlessness and Brits are famed for their individual sense of style. That’s why we produce fashion-led unisex designs with comfort in mind and have abandoned age-sizing for a simple S, M, L in each garment.

No size, age or gender prejudice from day one.

Sustainable + ethical + STYLISH

So if you want to avoid high-street conformity and are looking for something stylish, sustainable and unique for your children to wear and enjoy, we hope you will find it here.



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