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Change-maker of The Next Generation

Part of our mission as a brand, is to help inspire children to have a more sustainable mindset and to understand that their choices matter.

We, this generation, has made quite the boo-boo out of our environment. A lot of damage has been done, just during the past 30 – 40 years. Some of it maybe irreversible but … there is hope. There is hope that our next generation will grow up to think differently, to care more and to try and make positive changes.

Here is video that was sent to me today, from one of our customers.

Sonya (10 years old) recently did a school project based on Jake + Maya and our ethos. It is amazing ! ( I think I may have to hire her to do our PR pitches … !!! )

Thank you Sonya for sharing this video with us. I hope you will continue to help inspire your friends to shop more consciously. Keep up the great work. x

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