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Genius Hacks for Fixing Clothes

Next up in our #MendingMonday posts are some fabulous hacks for fixing your clothes – from bleach to detached soles, we have it covered. We’d also LOVE to hear your hacks – let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll add them to this page.  Let’s give our clothes a new lease of life!

Remove armpit discolouration using lemon juice, vodka or baking soda (amongst other things). Yes that’s right, we said vodka! (Find out more)

Everyone needs to have a Snag Nab it – When you snag clothing, you simply insert the needle straight through the snag down into the fabric and pull the thread through to the inside. Genius and only £2.99 (Buy yours now)

Oil stains? Fear not, WD40 and baking soda will sort that little problem for you. (Find out how)

Do your shoes need the sole reattaching? Get some shoe goo. And don’t forget your local cobbler will be able to fix most of your shoe-related problems! (Buy now)

When your favourite bra starts stabbing you in the heart (well kind of, that area, you know what I mean), you do feel let down. But fear not, there’s an easy hack to sort your pesky underwires. (Read more)

Did you know that conditioner and/or baby shampoo can unshrink your clothes? Seriously, clothes can be unshrunk! I know, no-one told me either. (Find out how)

It’s devastating when you splash a little bleach on to your clothes, but instead of writing that item off, why not use fabric markers to ‘colour’ them back in. Works a treat. (Buy yours here)

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