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Green Halloween: Costumes and decorations for zero waste fun

Happy almost Halloween! We do love this time of the year – mostly for the crafts and the change in season. The dark nights are cosy and of course, Halloween. We have seen the whole Halloween ‘thing’ take off in the last few years here in the UK, people are going all out with the costumes and decorations but, sadly, many costumes and decor is knocked out very cheaply, it doesn’t last, and alas…. landfill.

So this Halloween, challenge yourself to be a little more green. Here’s some ideas to get you started…


Instead of buying the latest tat from the closest supermarket, look at what you already have at home.

Turn cardboard boxes into tombstones just needs a bit of paint and imagination.

If you have old sheets in your linen closet cut the fabric into thin strips. Then take empty cereal or cracker boxes and cover with the white sheets. Add googly eyes. Boom, you have mummies!

Find a branch, some thread (or fishing line) and card – again those cereal boxes come in handy. Cut bats from the cardboard, and hang the bats to a branch. Hang in various lengths for a spooky look.

Use nature. Autumn is so good for collecting leaves, acorns and pine cones. Let the kids get creative.

If you are going to buy, buy well so they can be reused in years to come.


Make your own! Home made costumes are ALWAYS the best. And do remember, oldies are goodies! Seriously, why don’t  we see the sheet-over-the-head ghost anymore?

Sheets are also great for mummy costumes – just cut them in to strips and wrap them round.

Zombie is another super easy costume idea – got some old clothes that you’re thinking about taking to the recycling bank? Rip them up a little more, add some details and you’re done.

Old bridesmaid dress hanging about? You have yourself a dead bride or zombie bride.

Black leotard and leggings? Cat.

Check out what you already have in the dress up box, too. Mix it up a bit to have the Halloween version. Still stuck, how about a costume swap? See what your friends, neighbours or coworkers have stashed away.


It goes without saying to cut down on waste by using reusable crockery and cutlery.

Shop local when it comes to treats and look for goodies with minimal packaging and/or those packaged in recycled materials.

You don’t need to go out and purchase plastic treat bags and containers – instead use an old bag, pillowcase or incorporate it in to your outfit, like Wednesday Adamms did here!

And talking of which, what a green Halloween costume that could be. Clothes from the wardrobe, a felt hat and some yarn (or whatever you have hanging about). Winning!


From party food to treats to pumpkins, composting all organic matter and recycle the other items if you can’t reuse them. Remember to always think outside the box… you can have a green Halloween!



Image sources // WednesdayBats / Ghosts (Unknown) / Pinecone Spider

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