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Guardian of The Earth – Dom

Every week, at my kids’ school, they have a celebration’s assembly, where the whole school gathers and celebrate the kids’ achievements.
Academic achievements, yes, but more importantly, it is a celebration of the children’s achievements in respect and kindness.
Certificates are given to those kids that have acted respectfully and kindly at school during the week.  This ranges from, respectfully listening to others, to helping a new child settle in at school or showing kindness to a child that is perceived “different”.
The children collect their certificates with such pride ! It is the sweetest thing to watch and as a mother, it is probably one of the most heartwarming moments, when your child is celebrated for showing great humanity towards others.  ( By the way, mine are still working on getting theirs … )
It is so important that we celebrate respect and kindness, as with that, it will help inspire more people to act more respectfully and kindly, and to care more for other.
Now, I recently heard about a child that is doing something so incredibly beautiful for others, so I want to help celebrate him  (and his mother ) by giving him a big shout-out.
His name is Dom and he is 8 years old.


So, Dom, could you tell us a bit about what you are doing for others at the moment ?
Hello! At the moment I am collecting pyjamas and books for children who will be spending Christmas in refuges and hostels this Christmas and will be away from home and their families.
When did you start this and where did you get the idea from ?
Last Christmas I wrote my letter to Father Christmas and asked him for a few toys and books, then at the bottom I said to him that if he needed to give some of mine to others I didn’t really mind. Then I decided to help others myself. I thought about it with my mum and we thought that lots of people give toys and things for Christmas but when I’m feeling a bit sad I like to put my pyjamas on and snuggle down and read a book or watch tv. So that is when we came up with the idea for Dom’s Pyjamas! Last year we managed to collect 500 pairs of pyjamas to give to children!
What is your goal and how can we help you reach it ?
My goal eventually is to supply enough pyjamas to make sure every child in the UK who will be spending Christmas away from home and has been in a scary situation gets a pair of fresh pyjamas. My main way of sharing this is by my Instagram page @doms_pyjamas everyone’s shares and comments really help spread the word to other people to let them know where to send pyjamas!
Who do we contact, if we want to get involved in your amazing campaign ?

You can get in touch by my Instagram page or on my website www.domspyjamas.co.uk

And finally, what do you say to other people that would like to start their own campaign to help others ?
Just do it!! If we all make a little change eventually the world will become a better place. Let’s work together to make an IMPACT!
Good luck with everything Dom. You are an inspiration to so many people, a true Guardian of The Earth.
Ps. If you or your children are doing something amazing to help others and would like us to help celebrate him/her and to give him/her a massive shout-out, please get in touch with us on info@jakeandmaya.com .

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