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Homemade Christmas: Gift ideas to make with the kids

I love a DIY Christmas present — not just because it’s a great way to keep the cost of Christmas down, but because it makes every gift a thoughtful one. You’re giving your time, which we all know is very precious. There’s an added bonus too, giving yourself time to create and be creative is a gift in itself and sharing that with the kids is a win for everyone.

So, today we’re featuring some of our favourite ideas to make with the kids…


Seriously, drawing on clothes, tracing round hands, cutting up clothes – the kids will love this DIY even if they don’t do the actual sewing bit and it’s a great way to reuse those items that have been collecting dust in your wardrobe. Spotted at Feathering My Nest, pop over there for full, easy to follow instructions.


This is a craft that looks so beautiful but Victoria Mag makes it look really easy. The kids can go to town with this – stamps, leaves, pretty much everything in the kitchen. We will be giving this a go!


This one is for the kids to make and gift to other kids. Pompoms are a super easy-make and give you quick results. You could even use the left over wool from the mittens! Double re-make! Team that with some felt and you’ve a cheap and fun gift. Hop over to Lia Griffith for more info about these, and while you’re there check out her other crafts. I’ve just bookmarked a dozen to do!


DIY Christmas Gifts

Save those jars people! All jars. Any jars! Because recipes in jars (and bottles!) are a great gift to give. Just add the contents to the jar, decorate and add instructions. The beauty of these is you can really tailor them to the tastes of the recipient. Need inspiration? Pop over to DIY & Crafts and browse the comprehensive list.


Take inspiration from Jessica Olander and add your creative flair to any ceramics collecting dust in the back of the cupboard and gift them. Jessica uses Uni Paint Markers, but give the kids – even the littlest ones – some old ceramics to decorate and sharpies and they’ll love it. Plus this is a great one for us grownups too.


DIY Christmas Gifts

These are just so thoughtful. I know if I had popped my hands in to my pockets this morning to find little hand warmers I’d have felt the love! Anyway, with some fabric scraps (or upcycle of old clothes) and a bit of rice, you have a super sweet gift. Check out the tutorial over at Rae Ann Kelly.


DIY Christmas Gifts

I am obsessed with this idea! Two plastic bottle bottoms = a cute apple! Fill them with treats and decorate with whatever you have in the craft box, and voila! Kudos to Krokotak for this one, click over there for instructions.

I hope these ideas inspire you to reuse and upcycle, but also get creative this Christmas. Do let us know what your make this season, and do sign up to my newsletter for more inspiration. 

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