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How to go green without blowing your budget

I know many people say it’s hard to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle because it’s so expensive, but you can go greener without spending more – in fact, you can go green and save money! It’s all about less consumption. By consuming less, we are budgeting by default. So instead of worrying about retrofitting your house with all things green (that is expensive!) try some if these tips instead….


Instead of buying organic, buy from the farmer’s market or grow your own. Some things are really easy to grow even in small spaces, like regrowing kitchen scraps.

Turn things down (or turn them off) – make sure you’re not using utilities more than you need.

Plan accordingly and don’t waste. Yes, I am talking food. Meal plan! BHF has a budget friendly healthy meal plan.

Instead of buying recycled products, ditch anything disposable. Focus on the reusable.

Don’t buy chemical-free cleaners, make your own. Care2 has a great guide.

Don’t buy new, buy used, or not at all – remember you can borrow and rent!

Shorten your shower time and always take showers instead of baths.

Replace old-fashioned light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. The initial outlay may be a little more but they last a lot longer and cost you less to use.

Consider buying a laptop when you upgrade your computer, they use less energy than a desktop.

Purchase dry foods in bulk or buy the larger sizes of products to reduce the packaging waste. If it’s too much for you, ask a friend to share.

Buy less but buy quality. Buy well.

Increase the lifespan of clothing – either by restyling, repurposing or mending.

There’s a lot of ways to save money and still live a conscious lifestyle – please share yours with us over on Facebook!

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