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How to live in a consumer culture without being consumed

Consumption is necessary. To live we need to consume. It’s a fact of life. The problem starts occurring as soon as we consume more than we need – our mobile phone works perfectly well, but still we upgrade. We’re encouraged to upgrade, we’re rewarded for upgrading. We then end up paying more for something we didn’t need, and more than likely, didn’t ask for. Our shiny new mobile phone takes precedent over the perfectly functioning older phone. It’s so unnecessary!

We’re marketed to, as is everyone else, and we often get caught in a cycle of consumerism that just feels like the norm. Sadly, it starts at a young age. We are all seen as consumers and as long as we’re buying and wasting “stuff” the cycle continues.

How to live in a consumer culture without being consumed

With that in mind, here’s four reasons you should take stock of where you are and stop being a consumed consumer.

Money Management
In the UK, there are 543 credit and debit card purchases every second. That boggles the mind. What are people buying on credit? How much of that “stuff” is needed. If you want to stop being a consumer stop buying, and definitely stop buying on credit! Debt is stressful. Feeling too poor to buy stuff that you don’t need is also stressful and ridiculous!

Environmental Impact
Consumerism costs the earth. Literally. We all need to strive to be greener and the greenest way to do that is to consume less. Check out our other tips for going green on a budget, too.

By not buying stuff to fill our homes and our heads, we’re freeing up our resources to focus properly on things that really matter – or should matter more – to us. Friendships, goals, quality time with the family, our spiritually and sense of peace.

Instead of being a consumer, be a creator. Take charge. Learn to paint, grow some vegetables, make a short film, sew some clothes, write that book! Expressing yourself creatively will help make you feel fulfilled and nourished. Try it.

Henry David Thoreau

It’s not easy to be less of a consumer, it’s so ingrained in our lifestyles. Everywhere we go we are being marketed to at some level, so next time you’re tempted to buy something, ask yourself, do I really need this?

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