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How to Make Better Use of Your Garage


Very similar to a kitchen, a garage can quickly turn into a messy space, cluttered with all manner of things.

Our article on ‘How to Declutter Your Kitchen’ covered the Marie Kondo way of decluttering, which focuses on what you have and what you actually need. Garages often get so messy that it gets to the point where you can’t even fit your car in any more. I know this, because I have just been in mine !

So, today I’d like to share with you how to declutter your garage by turning it into a more usable space. You could convert it to a family room or a play area for the children, a mini-recycling area or even a games room. If you’re not using your garage to park your car, you might as well make better use of it, right ?

Family Dining Room

If you’re in desperate need a larger kitchen, it’s worthwhile considering converting the garage into additional kitchen and dining space. In their article on garage conversions, Homebuilding & Renovating note that many garages sit adjacent to the kitchen. So it’s relatively simple to knock down the separating wall and convert the garage space into a family dining room as an extension to your kitchen. This will not only improve the flow of your home but also make a smaller home more spacious. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and many families spend a large amount of time in the kitchen socialising while meals are being prepared, kids doing their homework, or parents entertaining guests.

Kids Play Area

Transforming your garage into a playroom can help children play and develop while the rest of the house remains free of clutter. Whether you create a multi-activity space, a playroom with a reading corner, or paint a chalkboard wall, make it something that will stimulate them. For safety purposes, if you have a roller or up and over garage door, you should make sure that when playing in the garage the kids won’t get hurt by the door’s moving parts. This Mama suggests creating an internal temporary wall behind the garage door, which will prevent them from touching the door.

Also keep in mind that if you have an older garage door and motor, ensure that it has the proper safety mechanism to prevent it from dropping suddenly when it’s open, otherwise you might need to replace it. Screwfix has a range of contemporary garage doors that come with advanced locking mechanisms. So, it’s always best to check that the door is child-friendly to avoid any accidents. To make it an even safer and cosier play area, line the floor with interlocking foam mats so your kids can enjoy their new space even more.

Games Room

A very popular idea with both kids and adults is a games room where you can all spend time as a family. A common situation these days is everyone in the family spending time in different parts of the house, instead of spending quality time together. Get creative and add coloured lighting, a TV, a foosball table or pool table, video games and of course, a comfy sofa. It’s best to look for a sofa that combines style, comfort and durability. The Barker and Stonehouse Harrington sofa is one the whole family can gather on, and includes bolster cushions and scatter cushions to ensure that everyone is comfortable. The key is to make the room, comfortable and appealing for everyone in the family and cosy enough for them to want to spend their time relaxing there. A games room is also great for parties so you can add a bar area to entertain guests.

A Mini Recycling Centre

These days it’s all about sustainability and the environment, so why not convert a part of your garage into a mini recycling station? This is a fun project for the entire family and it will give you a chance to teach your children about recycling and sustainable living. Start with a few wooden crates painted in fun colours and label them according to the materials they will contain for recycling. DIY Crafts describes that this will allow you to set up a fun little station that is easy for the kids to reach and provides them with a great opportunity to grab some plastic bottles and other recyclables to reuse for school or art projects.

An Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom in the house always comes in handy especially as the kids grow older. Perhaps two children in your family share a bedroom and are getting to an age where each wants their own room and they need their own space. An extra bedroom could also be a great addition for when family and friends to come and visit. A carpeted floor, a double bed, a couple of night tables sand some swanky decor are all that’s required. You can even add an en suite bathroom with a toilet and sink fixtures. Just remember that you’ll need to run plumbing, so consult with a professional first.

I know that this post is a little bit off topic from our usual fashion posts but our living environment is just as important in creating the sustainable life that we would like to create, as it is in what we are wearing.

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