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Letter Art Challenge – Letter 19

This week’s letter is one that is very close to my work.r-letterartchallengeThe 3 Rs for sustainable fashion.

Reduce – The most environmental option is always to use less.

Reuse – Then comes reuse. Use you clothing/things over and over again, and then pass it on if you can or reuse other people’s things/clothes if you can.

Recycle – Once you can’t use something any longer, make sure you recycle it and save it from ending up in our already full landfills.


What does R stand for to you ?

Get creative, have fun. As usual, use Sophie Björkgren-Näse’s  letter-form above to create something, or simply just create your own.

Remember to tag #letterartchallenge, so we get to share your awesome work.

Find out how to join here.


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