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Letter Art Challenge – Letter 22

Come on guys, only 5 more weeks to go and we will have finished all 26 letters !

You can do it !!! I may have to think of a reward for everyone who completes this challenge i think …. Hmm … what could it be ?! Something useful, pretty, or something delicious … or maybe a combination of all.

Anyway, back to the letter.

This weeks letter is



J for Jam, Jar, Juggling and Junk.

Let your creativity flow and we look forward to seeing your creation. Remember to share with us on Instagram, tagging #letterartchallenge.

See you next week. In the meanwhile, happy creating.

As always, use Sohie’s letter above as template if you want or create your own and go check out out Kathy’s work to see what she is up to.

Find out more about the challenge and how to join here.

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