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My most successful Collection


In the last few months, since I scaled back all production, I have had the rare opportunity to just enjoy myself and do things that i enjoy doing and with that, I have consequently found heaps of inspiration for a new collection.

I took a break because i just felt so stuck and really didn’t enjoy creating anymore. It was an awful feeling and with finally giving myself the permission to just enjoy myself and to be just creative for no reason, I am increasingly re-finding the joy and passion that I once had for designing.

With no clear path or plan on when the next collection was going to come from to start with, I am now starting to feel like all the missing pieces are starting to come together. I feel excited !

There is a vague deadline on when I would like to or should launch the next collection but I try to forget it as much as possible and just focus on taking everything day by day, creating each moment, moment by moment and just breath. Calm focus.

The next collection is going to be my most successful yet, of that I am sure, because “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it “, right ?

Thank you for coming on this very exciting journey with me. x

2 thoughts on “My most successful Collection

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