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#SharingOurStash – Lovely Linens

Sharing Our Stash

Our next #sharingourstash stash is a treat – we’ve some fabulous high quality linens that need to see the light of day! And I am giving them away for £1 per meter!

WHY? I hear you cry. Over the years of creating many collections and throughout the creative design process, I have collected a large amount of materials, which I have stashed away, collecting dust. I am now offering up collections of my stashes for free or super-cheap in my #SharingOurStash project. You can find out more about the why in this post.

As we have said before, we really don’t want our stash ending up as your stash. We want to see these lovely linens come to life. Please share with us what you make.

So here’s what we have…


It’s all shirting weight 100% linen, suitable for clothing and accessories. Number 3 is a silver painted upholstery linen which would be great for cushions. The oatmeal (number 5) is Irish linen from John England. A heavier weight but very soft. Suitable for more structured makes and home accessories.

These are all quality fabrics, all purchased for use in my collections! If you’re looking for other fabrics, trimmings and buttons, do check out the other stashes.

Want any of these? Just leave a comment below letting me know what number and how much you’d like. Must be in multiples of half a meter. I’ll then send you a Paypal invoice. Please take a moment to read the T&Cs, even if you’ve read them before, as they’ve recently been updated.

#SharingOurStash – Inspiration

Things to make with Linen

Linen Zipper Bag Tutorial | Hand Painted Linen Tea Towels | Recover a lampshade | Star Cushion Tutorial | Fabric Storage Cubes | Make Your Own Roller Blinds | Table Runner | Linen Napkins

Check out these links for details on how to make them, but why not add your own spin on things? I love painting and drawing (see this post) and would be tempted to draw all over the linen – especially on the lampshades and tea towels. The table runner would be fab if you mixed it up by adding fabrics from the previous stashes.

#SharingOurStash – Get Involved

Do leave a comment below if you’re interested in any of the linen here and I will be in touch. Let me know what number and how much you want. Do also share your stashes with me. I’ll be watching #SharingOurStash on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and will share my favourites. Know someone else who may be interested? Please give this post a tweet, pin or a Facebook share – spread the word and lets see what fabulousness can come out of #SharingOurStash.

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8 thoughts on “#SharingOurStash – Lovely Linens

  1. kathyhuttonprints

    2017 06 January

    This is such an exciting post Tze Ching ! What a brilliant idea!
    I’ve been toying with the idea of putting my prints on linen and creating either cushions or bags or something with them but have never taken the plunge. This is just the push I need to get me into action. If it’s still available I’d love 2 meters of linen 5 and 2 meters of linen 6 please. And as I know that you’ll be expected ting to see, I know that I’ll do this!!! Xx

    • Tc

      2017 09 January

      Hi Kathy, I have 3 pieces of (44cm x 60cm) no.6 and 4m of no.5. Please confirm what you would like. X

  2. Sandra

    2017 07 January

    Hello, would like to purchase 3 meters of fabric 1,2,4 and 5 of the linen stash. I live in the states. Love this idea and can’t wait to give this fabric life.

    • Tc

      2017 09 January

      Hi Sandra, I have 2 x 1m pieces of no.1,
      3m of no.2 and 1.8m of no.4. No.5 all gone.

      Please confirm if you would like me to send all these to you.


  3. kathy hutton

    2017 10 January

    Hello, can I take 2 of the 3 pieces you have of fabric 6 and then I’ll take all 4 meters of fabric 5 if its still available (unless someone wants to share then split it).
    Thank you xx

  4. Freya Hudson

    2017 29 June

    Better late than never!
    I was just wondering whether you have any of number 2 or 7 left???
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Thank you!

    • tc

      2017 29 June

      Hi Freya,
      I am sorry. All our remaining stashes have been sent to Stitched Up UK already. Maybe you can check with them ?

  5. Freya Hudson

    2017 29 June

    Thank you for your quick response – not a problem at all – I realise I am about 6 months behind the curve!!!!

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