Please do make sure you have a read of this before asking for any of the my stashes as part of the #SharingOurStash project. It’s just a quick how it works to ensure that these fabulous pieces are bought to life.

When receiving items from us, you do so under these Terms and Conditions only.

What I will send to you

I will send you what I have listed in the stash for free or in the case of fabrics, super-cheap. All I ask in return is a contribution towards shipping. Any costs will be listed on each stash. I am happy to ship internationally. Shipping will need to be paid within 48 hours of winning the stash else it will be offered to the next person. Payment via Paypal – I’ll send you a link.

The information that I provide to us about your items are best endeavours. I am sending you items for free/really cheap from my stash so if I get a description slightly wrong, a count incorrect or any other such detail, it’s in good faith. I will not correct this. If you don’t like what was sent, that’s fine. You can return it to me and I will offer it to the next person in line. I will not refund or pay for any shipping.

Everything I send, I bought because I loved it and was planning to use / did use in my collection(s). However my studio isn’t a warehouse and I need to make space. What I don’t want to do is send you stuff so you can stash it and let it collect dust. I WANT TO SEE YOUR MAKES!

If you make something truly amazing and within the Jake & Maya ethos, I may be able to help you sell it in our store! I work with fabulous designer makers and you could be added to the collection. Obviously, anything you make needs to be of high quality, but lets chat about that.

Most importantly, I want to see how items can be reused and recycled to create fabulousness. I want to free the stash!

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