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Sustainable Activities for Kids

We know the kids are our future and it’s so important to make sure sustainability and respect for the environment becomes who they are, and that we give them experiences to embrace and understand what they can do from an early age. Today we’re giving some hands on activities that kids can get involved with that encompasses different elements of sustainability…

Plant A Tree

One of the best things you can do for the environment. You can get a sapling for a couple of quid, and if the kids make a little sign with what and when planted, plus create a record of it’s height, this is something they can go back to time and time again. Also see the BBC website as they have a handy list of what to plant to support wildlife.

Litter Picking Walk

All you need is gloves and a bag, go for a walk and pick up all litter you see. Your kids will soon be outraged at the quantity of what they find and will have a sense of pride in helping clean up their local area. Check if there’s events local to you you can get involved with, we have a beach clean every month.

Make Paper

Making paper out of old paper is a rewarding activity to do and you could even gift your paper make. See PBS parents for a how to. Note, I’d recommend soaking the paper overnight. Also see this post from Babble Dabble Do who have made some beautiful paper. When we made paper it was a very messy experience so perhaps best for outdoors (although I did have a very excited 4 year old at the time!).

Nature Paint Brushes

This is a such a fab idea. Not only do the kids get to paint but they get to go on a nature treasure hunt and then make too! My Darla Clementine has a fab how to. On my to do list!

Make Cleaning Products

Kids love this. What’s better than measuring and pouring? Wholefully has a simple borax-free recipe we’d recommend. You just need hot water, baking soda, salt, soap, and a jug! Enjoy!

Recycle Craft

Let the kids loose with the recycle bin. Box robots are always a favourite here and also encourage them to upcycle the recycling. How about a bottle bird feeder or tin can bowling? Do share photos of your makes with us.

Harvest Rainwater

Collect rain water in whatever containers you have and let the kids reuse the water. Always fun to add a rainwater gauge too.


Thoughts? Do you have a favourite activity to do with the kids? If so, let us know in the comments below…

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