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The A-Z of Less Plastic Waste

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We all know that plastics is bad news but can we live without it ?

Probably not.

However, we could most likely live with less, a lot less.

Here is a list on how we can reduce our plastic consumption.


A – All plastics that have ever been produced, will stay with us forever. 

B – Bathroom 

C – Cooking

  • Cook food from scratch, using un-packaged ingredients
  • Store left-overs in jars in fridge or freezer
  • Use re-usable wax-wraps, instead of cling film
  • Batch-cooking saves time, money and prevents you to go for faster, pre-packed options

–  Cleaning 


The best option in reducing plastic consumption is often to DIY your own solution. The more you make, the less you would need to buy pre-packaged products.

E – Eating Out 

  • Do not visit restaurants that use single use plates, cutlery and cups.
  • Bring your own glass or metal containers to bring home potential left-over. Saves the environment and you from over-eating.

F –  Friends and Family

Talk to your friends and family about your decision to cut down on your plastic consumption and explain why. You never know, they may want to join you in your mission. It will be a lot of fun, and also easier, doing this with someone else, so get chatting.

G – Glue

Make your own glue for simple crafting projects.

H – Holiday 

  • Make sure to bring your own bathroom products.
  • Bring your re-usable bottle, cup, straw and cutlery.
  • Do NOT buy an inflatable mattress and/or a surfboard. Honestly, you don’t need one. Maybe the hotel has one that you can borrow ?

I – Ice-lolly

Most ice-lollies are usually wrapped in a plastic film, in order to ensure minimum mess in transport. Make your own super-healthy ice-lollies.

J – Jars

  • Keep your jam jars. They are super useful for storing left-over food in the fridge/freezer.
  • Great for storing pre-cut onions and garlic in the freezer
  • I always have jars of gravy in my freezer. Simply just re-heat the jar in a pan of water and you are ready to go

K – Kitchen

  • Make your own washing-up liquid
  • Use wooden brushes, instead of plastic ones
  • Use re-usable wax wraps, instead of cling-film
  • Use glass containers for storing left-overs. Glass jars are perfect for storing left over ingredients and left-overs.
  • Grow your own herbs and salad if possible

L – Laundry

  • Buy laundry powder in paper packaging, rather than laundry liquids in plastic bottles
  • Make your own laundry powder ( I find this a bit too messy and use a laundry egg instead. Not completely plastic free but one egg, lasts for more than 700 washes !!! )

M – Milk

Milk cartons are all lined with plastics on the inside. Buy milk in glass bottles. ( Check out Find Me a Milkman)

N – No Plastic Bin liners

If you compost your food waste, then there is absolutely no need for plastic bin liners, as all your trash should then be dry anyway.

Same goes for recycling bins. No need for plastic bin liners.

O –  One Step At a Time

Like with all sustainable changes, you have to make changes one step at a time. If you do too much, you may not be able to sustain your efforts and fail your mission. So, it is better to take it slow and just take things one step at a time.

P – Plastic Micro beads

  • This one is a big NO NO. These pesky little plastic beads are in lots of products, from face washes to tooth pastes. Micro beads are so small that they don’t get filtered out in our water cleaning system, they go straight into our oceans.

Q – Quit Buying Plastics

Quit buying plastics ! Going “No Plastics” doesn’t mean that you throw out all of your existing plastics, it just means that you should quit buying more. By all means, do throw out the plastics that you would consider no-longer useful. Make sure to recycle what you can recycle but there is absolutely no need to go out and replace all your plastic items with glass, metal or wood ones.

R –  Razor

  • Use a safety razor, instead of plastic single-use razors.

– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

The 3 Rs of zero-waste living. Even if you can’t eliminate your plastic consumption entirely, make sure you reduce, reuse and recycle what you do use as much as possible.

S – Shopping

  • Always bring a couple of re-usable bags in your handbag.
  • Use cloth-bags for grocery shopping, instead of single use plastic bags or simply just leave them loose in the trolley.
  • Bring container for meat-shopping at butchers.
  • Buy glass bottles, instead of plastic bottles when possible.
  • Buy paper packaged goods, instead of plastic packaged. Note that some paper packaged goods, contains a plastic bag inside !!!

–  Straw 

  • Say no to single use straws !!! Drink directly out of the cup or bring your own metal or glass one if you really love drinking out of a straw.

T – Toys

  • Buy wooden toys or toys that are easily recyclable.
  • Remember, it has been proven that kids focus better the less toys they have in front of them. Quality over quantity.
  • Borrow toys from toy libraries or buy second hand.

U –  Utensils

Use wooden and metal utensils, instead of plastic ones, as they are more easily compostable and recyclable.

V –  Vote with your money

Every time you buy something, you are casting a vote for what you want as a consumer, so spend your money wisely.

W – Water

  • Bring your own water bottle wherever you go. Why buy single use bottles that have travelled across the globe to reach you, when water is free ?!

X – Xulos 

Xulos means wood in Greek, giving us the word xylophone and xylography (‘the art of engraving on wood’.

Use wood whenever you can, as it is easily compostable.

Y – Yoghurt

Z – Zero Plastic Packaging

Request zero plastic packaging when you order things online. The more people do this, the more likely it is that the supplier will provide better, non-plastic options.


We have just launched a monthly #ConsciousLifestyleChallenge to help encourage more people to live a simpler, less wasteful lifestyle. Join us. 




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