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There is something quite nostalgic about waffles. My mum used to make them for us at the weekends and we ( my 3 siblings and I ) used to all sit around the waffle-iron and devour them faster than mum could make them. We were a very hungry lot ! Brave woman, having 4 kids in 6 years !!!


  • 250g Plain Flour*
  • 7g Baking powder*
  • 20g Caster sugar*
  • 5g Salt*
  • 475ml Milk
  • 2 Eggs
  • 30ml Vegetable oil

*We used self-raising flour, so kids had to do some calculations.

In every 150g of self-raising flour, there is 7g baking soda. Meaning, it is slightly less that above recipe. We figured out that we needed to add 2.4g or ½ tsp to make flour – baking powder proportion same as above.

250g = 473.18 ml self-raising flour

Being used to cooking using volume measurement, we had to do another conversion: 100g = 105 ml caster sugar and 1tsp = 5.69g salt

Just lucky that Jake loves maths …


1, Mix all ingredients together

2, Whisk egg and milk together

3, Combine all ingredients

4, Heat and grease pan

5, Pour batter carefully into pan and cook

We used a vintage Husqvarna waffle iron that I recently picked up at a flea market in Sweden, so had to cook one side first, before flipping it over to cook the other side.

It took a little bit of figuring out and practice but we were pretty pleased with the results in the end.


(Original recipe found in BBC Good Food)









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