What is Sustainable Fashion



There is no formal definition o f Sustainable Fashion and can mean different things to different companies but generally, what makes fashion sustainable is if it fulfills at least a few of the following criterias:




Materials used should have minimum impact on the environment and the people who farm the raw material.


Use 100% organic cotton or other low-impact materials such as bamboo and hemp. An other option is to use recycled fibres that are re-spun into new materials.




Use energy and water efficient processes for weaving, dying and finishing.


Natural dyes should be used.




Design for longevity, not just one season.


Make sure garments are constructed in a way that they are easily taken apart and re-assembled if necessary.


Use zero waste design-techniques to minimize waste.


Use recycled materials.




Minimize waste by maximizing use of materials.


Ensure safe and clean working conditions for workers, while also paying fair wages.


Source materials locally, to minimize carbon foot-print.




Support local businesses, in order to keep the carbon footprint of the garment as low as possible.


Use compostable or recyclable packaging.


Use environmentally friendly transport methods.




Look at alternative retail methods, like second-hand or rental.


Fashion swaps and other fashion exchange and up-cycling events.


Encourage recycling and mending of garments in store.


The garments after-life:


Make sure to use materials that are easily recyclable, to reduce the impact on our landfills.


Be transparent


Sustainable fashion is very much about being transparent with the company’s practices.


What are the garments made of ?

Where were they made ?

How were the garments made ?

Who made them ?