Why Sustainable Fashion

Being a sustainable brand that produces everything ethically is hard work and it is a relatively expensive way of running a company.

So why would we want to do it ? Do we not want to make money ?

Of course we want to make money ! We want to make money so we can continue doing what we love doing ie. be creative, have fun, inspire and make a difference !

Why is it so important to us that our products are sustainable ?

It is simple, because people are literally dying when producing some of the less sustainable options out there and not only people, our earth is dying too !

So, is it worth the extra effort and possibly lower margins ? YES, definitely.

There has been lots of factory deaths in recent years, both documented and un-documented. One of the most documented ones would be the Rana Plaza tragedy (2013) in Bangladesh where the factory building collapsed and over 1000 people died and 2,500 were injured.

This happened because the factory owner wanted to complete an important ( more important than the safety of his workers) order and sent the workers inside the factory, even though he knew it was unsafe. Workers could not refuse to work as they would risk losing their jobs and their livelihood.This is just one of the tragedies but there has been so many more. Only just a few months ago, 72 people died in a shoe factory in the Philippines.

Then there are entire villages in India that suffer from crippling debts and toxic poisoning from cotton production.

This is just part of the human cost of making the fast fashion that we so desire.

What about the price that our planet is paying ?

Pollution, deforestation, climate change, animals dying  …. these are just a few of the issues we are dealing with at the moment. All due to our over consumption and increased waste production.

Being a brand owner and retailer, it may seem odd that I should be against consumption and shopping but I really am.

I am not saying that we should all stop shopping because that is never going to happen. People will aways shop. However, I do think that we need to start shopping more consciously.

We need to just stop to think for a second before we buy anything.

Do I need this ?

Do I really want to buy this ?

Will I actually use it ?

How long will it last ?

Are there any better options out there ?

And then of course, we should also think about where and how the product was made.

Am i supporting something that i believe in or something that i don’t ? All these things should matter when we make our purchases.

As a retailer and brand owner, I want to make sure that each and every product that we offer to sell to you, will be a product that you can feel good about buying.

Good human value is important to us.


Maximising human and earth profit is what drives this company forward.